People are insane to say not to order break up spells. Trust me; they don't have a clue about what they are saying. It's your decision and none can dictate terms for you. Break up spells are here to break relationships and that's the only one property of these spells. If you have decided in ordering for them then read further.

Break up spells can be used by oneself if wants to breakup with someone or can be used to breakup other peoples relationships.

These spell are used by many to get rid of the ex who finds it hard to forget and move on. This is a very irritating scenario to be in and can become serious. Breakup spells will make the ex forget you and fail all his efforts of communication with you. You need not worry about the ex interfering in your personal life and invading your privacy. In such an instance I would say that breakup spells work as protection spells in protecting you from unreasonable troubles and fears.

The same breakup spells are used to break relationships aka marriages and affairs. People do this for personal reasons. Breakup spells work their way in a couple's life by inducing wrong thoughts, creating quarrels and misunderstandings to a point where breakup occurs and becomes a prominent solution.

These are hypnosis based spells and work on the minds of people leading them towards breakups.

After absorbing the material, how many still think and feel that break up spells are evil and should not be used? I am sure most of you have changed perception towards breakup spells.