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Magic Spells and why are they such a powerful phenomenon -
Specific prayers that are directed towards deities and are chanted over a number of times. Spell casting is highly preferred since its origin. Used for any and all purposes that you can imagine. Let me brief you a bit about this form of magic.
There are various thousands of numerous magic spells that I have made over years. Each spell is different and unique in its own. Each spell is targeted to get an individual desired effect. Let's say a devotee is in search for true love so accordingly a soul mate love spell will be caste specifically for this purpose rather than casting a lost love spell. I hope you get the picture. Spell casting is a complex practice and I much rather advise you to contact me for spell casting than you trying it yourself.
Defining magic and its forms of practice

Magic has various definitions but the one that I feel most appropriate to mankind: Act or art which through the means of the unseen supernatural forces or paranormal powers will bring you peace, happiness, satisfaction and solace depending on what you wish.

The above definition may not be a typical one but it is practical and based on my experience and interactions that I have had over the years with people worldwide.

After explaining the practical concept of magic. It's now time to get to know the workings of magic and how it operates.

Now to be very honest, magic has been a traditional practice and there are innumerable subjects and forms which are a part of magic. I will not mention all the forms because I simply don't want my readers to confuse themselves and the bottom line is that I only want my readers to experience the most effective and supreme forms of it.

Let's get started.....

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Love Spells - It's almost natural for me to write about love spells since people always want to know more on this topic. Love spells can be cast for all love related issues right from wanting to get married to saving a marriage. Love spells give permanent results and bring about love and harmony in a relationship. Click Here for Love Spells
Do you still want to know more about love spells? I am sharing some of my thoughts, concepts and principles on which I have based love spells. The information in these pages is worth reading. A point worth mentioning is that black magic love spells worke best.

Money Spells - Black magic spells for money are equal in popularity as love spells. Both needs are essential to humans. Human is incomplete without either one as both have their own importance. Coming back to the subject of money spells which is what I am discussing will work for all. It's no issue if you are working or idol. These money spells will work for you in every possible manner. If money is a priority then try these spells. Click Here For Money Spells
Some basic chapters on money spells. Go ahead and enlighten yourself. These are easy money spells yet very effective.

Protection Spells - Asked by many who are concerned for their health and want to be protected. Protection spells are definitely worth investing in since they will guard you spiritually and make sure at the very same time that nothing bad can befall you. Click Here

Revenge Spells - Black magic spells which will destroy enemy to no ends. Your enemy will be done and dusted for good. Enemy will suffer and miseries will become a daily occurrence.
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Black Magic and what is it used for exactly?

This form is famous and the most supreme of all. Involves the use of dark forces by pleasing and requesting them through the means of rituals and ceremonies.

I will want to clear the most known misconception associated with this form. Black magic is not only performed to inflict bad or evil to enemies, the use of black magic is not only limited to this.
Here comes the best kept secret and very few will tell you....It is used to bring immense happiness, health, money and success to you within a very short duration of time.
The very fact of performing rituals to please dark forces makes black magic extremely supreme and powerful.

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White Magic and how different it is from Black Magic?

This form is based on white and holy forces. Involves the use of angels, holy prayers and scriptures.

Is used to bring and fulfill all your material needs namely wealth, fame, fortune, success and happiness.

The most common misconceptions associated with this form.

1) It is a mild form of practice?
No it is not a mild form of magic but equally superior as black magic is. It will bring the heavens and earth together to make your wish pass and to make your desires a reality.

2) It is only used for good deeds?
It is not only used for good deeds but also used for revenge, bad luck and enemy destruction.
Conjurations and their effects?

Step by step procedures involving a mix of ceremonies and prayers to ultimately invoke the unseen supernatural forces of nature are called invocations/conjurations.
Prayers that are used in invoking the supernatural are called conjuration prayers.

Conjurations are of many kinds mainly for the purpose to invoke genies, spirits and angels.

It is said and believed that there are two worlds the seen and the unseen. We are living in the physical word which is seen and visible. These supernatural beings or forces are living and existing in the unseen and the invisible world.

Simply put, the conjuration is a pathway of bringing and commanding the supernatural being from the unseen to the seen world.

I cannot put and explain the concept of conjurations in any better way than the above.

Giant Calling Formula - Spirits Calling Formula - More Conjurations

Is a traditional practice whereby a picture or a holy writing is made out on a piece of wooden or metallic object and worn around the neck in a pendant or locket form.
As mentioned above they are made out of pictures of deities or holy writings which are then worn on the body to provide wealth, success, happiness and prosperity.
The benefits and uses are unlimited and unending.There are various charms and each serves an individualistic purpose so it is important to know which one fulfills your wish.

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Talismans and the mystic surrounding them?

Mystic in nature and known to fulfill your wishes almost every time makes the practice of this form of magic ever so popular. Understanding talismans is not easy and neither preparing them.
Based on alphabets and numerical calculations which sum up accordingly to fulfill your wishes.
None has ever come with a proper explanation as to how talismans work and that to so effectively.
My theory and experience says that talismans which are basically made by summing up alphabets and numbers work on the stars of a person and at the same time produce and emit vibrations that will attract from the universe what you desire and wish.
You must have heard the theory "To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction"
Talisman works as an action which create and bring about the desired reaction.

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