Yet again it's time to make things clear. It's very easy for a newbie to get confused with all these many spells. I take extra care and go the extra mile in explaining about spells and differentiating between them so you don't make a mistake in choosing the wrong spells or spell.

Marriage spells are different to soul mate spells and attraction spells. You can read about attraction spells and soul mate spells on the respective pages. Marriage spells have a limited important task to fulfill which is marriage. The use of ordering marriage spells is to get married and soon that is. I don't need to stress on the importance of marriage and how hard it is to get married but the fact remains that it's much tougher than it sounds. It's a catch 22 situation in which you must get married before time runs out on you and the same time cannot hastily get married to a wrong person.

I must now make it clear when to use marriage spells. Marriage spells can most certainly be used by couples who are in love and want to get married but for some reason or the other have failed in doing so.

If you seek marriage but don't know with whom and only want to get married with your soul mate then you much rather order the soul mate love spell which will find a soul mate for you and get you married to her.

You can decide between both type of spells and then order accordingly.