I don't want to brag about the importance of money in one's life because it's known to everyman how important it is. It's what keeps us going and makes us strive harder and harder in life towards our goals. Money spells are for different purposes depending on individualistic needs.

I have generally classified money spells to make it easier to choose from. The page on money spells is where you can find my treasure of handpicked money spells. They have taken years in the making. It's an essence of my hard work spanning over decades.

Money spells are for money and don't get fooled by the fancy names money spells have acquired over time. The fancier the name the more is the price. I have named my money spells for a better understanding with universally accepted names of money spells.

Money spells are greatly beneficial to those who need money or are deprived of it till today. The science behind good luck and bad luck is understood but the science behind one having more money than the other is not understood? Wouldn't it be convenient for God to give everyone equally so none would remain wanting? God knows the answer to this one.

Anyways, money spells bring forth money and wealth to people who cast these spells at a rate that none can manage, expect or think. You may or may not be in the position of making such gains but you will make gains by the power of these money spells. Money spells will bowl you over by their powers and effectiveness.

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