The most sort after spells are attraction money spells. I have trouble in understanding why people just want to read about these spells and let go off such great other money spells I have to offer. Maybe the name is catchy having the word attraction in it. I want people before ordering to go through the list of money spells I offer and then decide which to order. All are classified differently and order the one that suits you. The results will be much quicker, better and grander by using the right money spells.

Attraction money spells are not to draw money but to attract money in large quantities. The scale at which money spells work is large.

Most want to know how they will attract money.
Money will not come to you walking on its own but there is a theory on the basis of which these spells work. It's no physics involved but just how I have made these spells.
Let me explain. Have u seen a car or a steam engine work in full motion with everything moving in sync? What happens even if a single part in the very same car or engine fails? The machine will stop right there without moving an inch. Pretty much in the same manner our brain and body works. The brain and the body need to be in perfect sync to achieve any goal big and small. The question is still not answered, isn't it? Here is the answer. You could spend years of working hard with full mind, body and soul and still not receive anything substantial for it till your brain, body and luck works in sync. I repeat luck. Luck is the sole player in attracting money. The attraction spells work with your luck to favor you and your hard work leading towards attracting huge sums of money.